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Valley of Quest

the birds must cast aside all preconceived beliefs, dogmas, and doubts.

︎Conference of the Birds
graphic novel
Ava Salzman, Matthew Blumberg & Kythe HellerCambridge, MA & Philadelphia, PA, 2021

︎Firebird (mattress under the overpass)
video poem
Kythe Heller, Grace Jackson, Andrew Stauffer,
Nicholas Denton Protsack & Lise King
Philadelphia, PA; Cumbria, UK; Kelowna, BC; Provincetown, MA, 2021

︎Dreaming the Phoenix
lucid dreaming research project Eliza Yvette Esquivel, Tziporah Rebbeck & Biliana Angelova
New York, NY; Somerville, MA; Lexington, MA, 2021

Valley of Love

reason must be abandoned for the sake of love.

spoken text and flamenco dance video Kythe Heller, Anya Yermakova & Marizó Siller
Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Woodside, CA, 2021

︎Phoenix of the Sea
soul song to whales & interspecies communication Anneka Bowman & Joshua Bowman
Kapaau, HI, 2021

Valley of Knowledge

intellectual knowledge is revealed to be utterly useless.

︎Phoenix Conspires
sound collage
Andrew Stauffer
Kelowna, BC, 2021

︎Fire and Silk: An Arachnologist’s Homage
experimental lecture
Sarah Karikó

Cambridge, MA, 2021

︎Firebird Singing
Kythe Heller, Anya Yermakova & Max Bowens
Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL; Cambridge, MA, 2021

Valley of Detachment

all cravings and aversions for worldly things are left aside. Here, what is assumed to be “reality” vanishes.

︎In the Refuge of a Cave
music composition
Nicholas Denton Protsack

Kelowna, BC, 2021

︎QPublic: Crazymaking
a prosocial conspiracy theory
Erling Hope
Long Island, NY, 2021

a book of poetry
Kythe Heller

Philadelphia, PA, 2020

Valley of Unity

the birds intuit that everything is connected and the Simurgh is beyond everything, including harmony, multiplicity, and eternity.

woodblock prints & graffiti
Annie Silverman

Somerville, MA, 2020-2021

video interviews
Grace Jackson
Cumbria, UK, 2021

︎I Am You
nascent social movement / sermon
James Venable

New Haven, CT, 2021

Valley of Bewilderment

entranced by the beauty of the Simurgh, the birds become perplexed, and, steeped in awe, find that they have never known or understood anything.

super8 film
Marizó Siller, Farida Amar & Kythe Heller
Death Valley, CA, 2020

︎In the Nave
a conversation in soundscapes Fanny Howe & Sue Schardt
Cambridge, MA, 2021

︎Mending a Crask in the Sky
documentary film
Roble Issa & Zach Jama

Toronto, BC, 2021

Valley of Annihilation and Rebirth

the birds’ egoic selves dissolve, and the birds become timeless, existing in both the past and the future of every moment.

album of spoken voice and experimental music Kythe Heller, Andrew Stauffer & Nicholas Denton Protsack

Philadelphia, PA & Kelowna, BC, 2021

︎Story of Sati
vaiṣṇava (वैष्णव ) discourse, meditation and tantric paintings
Sahaj Kaur
Groton, MA, 2021

Dharam Singh

Millis, MA, ∞

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